1-on-1 Consultations with Wade

Looking for some help with candle making and/or candle business?

Book a 1 on 1 consultation with Wade! Feel free to check out the testimonials below!

  • Annie W.

    "I was very nervous about my consultation, but I am extremely happy that I went forward.  First and foremost, Wade was super nice and incredibly knowledgeable.  There was one question I asked that I was stumbling over in the candle making process.  Let me just say that he saved me a ton of time and some money.  There was so much clarity provided and I now know exactly what to look for.  Because of the consultation, I can confidently go forward with testing and selling candles.  He answered multiple questions for me and honestly it was worth more than I paid.  Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and I wish you even greater success going forward."

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  • Dave N.

    "While I had enjoyed quite a bit of Wade's free content online, I jumped at the chance to connect live and was not disappointed!  He was incredibly generous with his time and provided specific and actionable advice for how I might address a number of the really specific challenges I was facing.  It was like accelerating my learning curve by weeks / months in a 30-minute call.  Could not recommend more."

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  • Jackie M.

    "Before talking with you I was overwhelmed and really just getting myself all worked up...

    After talking with you, I am once again enjoying learning how to make candles.

    I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with making Candles to not hesitate and to make that call to Wade....they will surely ask themselves why they waited so long!!  You don't need to beat your head against the wall anymore when you have this very knowledgeable and Humble human being willing to help us make a nicer life for ourselves, especially in this day and age!!!"

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  • Brandon W.

    "The consultation was great! We learned so much and got great feedback about what we should look into as well. The information we received has already helped out immensely!"

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