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You might be accustomed to low-cost wicks, but with high-cost shipping rates. Or, cheap shipping but expensive wicks. You will be pleasantly surprised by our low OVERALL Cost for wicks + shipping combined!

CDN Wicks (Stabilo KST Wicks)

The CDN Wick series features a flat braided wick with a special paper filament to promote maximum and consistent capillary action while ensuring a wick trimming flame posture. The main difference between CD & CDN wicks is that CD wicks curl more and CDN wicks curl less making them usually a bit easier to control and consistent.

They tend to burn a tad cooler than the CD wicks in most waxes. CDN wicks will curl at approximately a 30-degree angle.  The CD wicks curl to a 90-degree angle. 

Our CDN wicks are coated with a high melt point natural wax, 6" in length with 20mm tabs

  • Constructed from 100% natural fibers.
  • Designed to be used in votives, pillars, and containers.
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