The Siren's Secret (Fragrance Oil)

$ 5.95
$ 5.95

Fragrance Notes

Top: White Nectarine, Touch of Pineapple
Middle: White Flowers, Green Tea
Base: Musk, Pink Coral


"Siren's Secret," a fragrance oil that captures the elusive allure of the ocean's depths and the enchanting mystery of its inhabitants and their captivating appeal. With primary notes of white nectarine and pink coral, this scent seamlessly blends the sweet, juicy essence of nectarine with the delicate, marine freshness of coral.

The addition of a subtle sweetness evokes the siren's enticing whisper, drawing you closer with its irresistible charm. "Siren's Secret" is an invitation to explore a hidden world of wonder, where every note tells a story of beauty, mystery, and seduction, mirroring the siren's timeless allure within the depths of the sea.




Flash Point: >200 F | 93 C
Vanillin: 0.00%
Phthalate Free

Instructions & Usage

Please refer to your candle wax for usage limits and recommendations.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety and performance of the finished product containing this fragrance through customer product testing.

All products are filled by weight not volume. Fill lines may vary.

In-house tested in 50/50 soy blend and other various waxes. Further testing required for your own product line.

Avoid direct contact with skin.

Customer Reviews

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Oh it is nice and southern sweet. My 12 year old daughters favorite!

Samantha Taylor
Best fragrance ever!

This is by far the best fragrance I have ever used, and I have went through many different fragrances. It has the perfect balance of fruit and floral scents. One doesn't over power the other. This fragrance is a must have! Great job on this one Wade!

Awesome! Glad you love it! Thanks Samantha!


Yummy. As hard as was it was to be as good or to get even better than the last set of scents, somehow BTB achieved the impossible and did it. I just love these newest scents!!


This scent is amazing!!! Such a beautiful blend, I don’t think ive ever been so excited to try out a fragrance!!!