The Graveyard (Fragrance Oil)

$ 6.20
$ 6.20

Fragrance Notes

Top: Earthy
Middle: Moss
Base: Cedarwood


The Graveyard. Mysteriously and meticulously crafted for adventurous candle makers. This enchanting scent captures the haunting beauty of a graveyard, with rich top notes reminiscent of freshly turned soil. As you delve deeper, encounter middle notes evoking the untamed moss on weathered gravestones, transporting you to nature's embrace. The base notes of cedarwood add warmth and depth, creating an alluring fragrance that inspires creativity. 

The first original fragrance ever made by Black Tie Barn. This one has a personal connection as well... the reasons why and when it was made. For a scent based on a place seen as 'an ending', this was truly the beginning... for many reasons. 




Flash Point: >201 F | 94 C
Vanillin: 0.00%
Phthalate Free

Instructions & Usage

Please refer to your candle wax for usage limits and recommendations.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety and performance of the finished product containing this fragrance through customer product testing.

All products are filled by weight not volume. Fill lines may vary.

In-house tested in 50/50 soy blend and other various waxes. Further testing required for your own product line.

Avoid direct contact with skin.

Customer Reviews

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Thought this was an Amazing fragrance. It is in my line up for this fall.

Love this scent!

I searched high and low for my perfect scent, thabk you for making this! It hit every item on my list in one bottle! This is my second order of it

My favorite petrichor

This is my favorite petrichor type fragrance. I've tried some others that are very hyperrealsitic & accurate but I could never imagine wanting any space to smell exactly like that. This fragrance is still a petrichor at the base but has more going on. The added complexity makes it more interesting & inviting. Well done!

Paul Stenroos

The Graveyard (Fragrance Oil)

Shelly Brousseau
Graveyard . It’s perfect!

I haven’t made a candle with this yet, but the OOB is perfect! It smells like a musty graveyard! I have so many ideas for a fall/Halloween candle with this fragrance. Every time I take another whiff, I have a new idea!
It’s very inspiring!😂