The Graveyard (Fragrance Oil)

$ 6.20
$ 6.20

Fragrance Notes

Top: Earthy
Middle: Moss
Base: Cedarwood


The Graveyard. Mysteriously and meticulously crafted for adventurous candle makers. This enchanting scent captures the haunting beauty of a graveyard, with rich top notes reminiscent of freshly turned soil. As you delve deeper, encounter middle notes evoking the untamed moss on weathered gravestones, transporting you to nature's embrace. The base notes of cedarwood add warmth and depth, creating an alluring fragrance that inspires creativity. 

The first original fragrance ever made by Black Tie Barn. This one has a personal connection as well... the reasons why and when it was made. For a scent based on a place seen as 'an ending', this was truly the beginning... for many reasons. 




Flash Point: >201 F | 94 C
Vanillin: 0.00%
Phthalate Free

Candle Instructions & Usage

Please refer to your candle wax for usage limits and recommendations.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety and performance of the finished product containing this fragrance through customer product testing.

All products are filled by weight not volume. Fill lines may vary.

In-house tested in 50/50 soy blend and other various waxes. Further testing required for your own product line.

Avoid direct contact with skin.

Soaping Properties & Usage

Customer Reviews

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Edward R.
Not Your Common Fragrance Oil

This fragrance can be somewhat unpredictable in its reception. That being said, here's why: If you're inexperienced with fragrance oils and have a pressing need to move inventory swiftly, this might not be the ideal choice. However, if you're seeking a distinctive aroma or cater to a clientele appreciative of unique scents, this would make a valuable addition to your collection. I Hope this helps somebody.


Truly an amazing fragrance! Complex and worked great in soap!

Kayzel Belgica
Love the scent!

It wasn’t what I thought it would smell like at all. It smells of dug up soil and a few musky scents. Sad to say that it’s going to be an acquired scent, but I love it. There is that dark underworld feeling and I would buy it again.

Lady Heather
Love it 😍

This fragrance is added to my standard collection. Looking forward to ordering more products Wade.

Georgiana with Tropicandle, Llc.
If you were going for the smell of a graveyard...

Then you were spot on. Unbeknown to me, My son was using this scent in his diffuser, and I kept smelling the smell of my childhood basement (old old house, basement was a root cellar which was deep in ground and literally made of dirt and flooded every 5 to 10 years and had to be pumped out. Kinda a spooky moss and wet earth smell, like a graveyard, and that cellar scared the fluff outta me as a kid.) And I was freaking out going around the house asking everyone if they left their window open or if the a c was bad or if their room had been flooded or anything to explain that smell. I just could not figure out where this moss and dirt, wet earth smell was coming from and I really had a feeling of fear just like my basement made me feel as a child. My son figured out what I was smelling and just laughed at my irrational panic and showed me he was using graveyard in his diffuser. What? I was so beside myself but also shocked because I had no idea that a scent would evoke such a strong memory reaction but it did. Then I just sighed in relief. And I thought to myself, "Well played black tie barn, well played, you scared the fluff outta me. That fragrance is completly accurate. " Suffice to say, if you don't have an irrational fear of petrichor then I highly recommend it.