Premier 715 | 6" Pre-tabbed Wick

$ 2.75
$ 2.75


The Premier-715 wick is a flat braid cotton core wick made from textile-grade cotton. They are designed to promote clean burning and minimize mushrooming from carbon buildup. Premier 700 Series wicks can be used in tealight, votive, pillar, and container candles. Their versatility makes them suitable for both paraffin and soy waxes. Unlike most other wicks, the Premier 700 Series comes in many different sizes, allowing for better wick precision to achieve optimal burning candles.

Our Premier-715 wicks are primed in a high melt point wax, are pre-cut to 6" lengths, and are tabbed using a 20mm round wick tab with a 3mm neck. Made in the USA


Additional Info

Wick Giude/Resource

Proper wick size can only be determined by testing with your specific materials; wax, fragrance oils, container/mold, etc. Be sure to re-test with any changes to existing recipes as well.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Mills
Works great!

We use two Premier 715 in our 3.2” vessel with 6006 wax. These wicks have worked beautifully for us!

Geovany Reyes
Excellent wick series

This series of wicks is very flexible with different waxes and makes wicking a lot easier

Love these wicks!

Great product! I've been following Wade for quite some time, and his channel is undoubtedly one of the most helpful out there. The shipping time, from start to finish, is incredibly quick. I'll likely save the box it came in. Thanks, friend!

Fantastic wicks, fantastic stockist!

I'm a candlemaker of about 2 years, working on dialing in my recipes and formulas to eventually start a small candle business. I use 464 soy and I'm a huge fan of Premier wicking. The performance is unmatched, in my opinion. With so many sizes to pick from, you can really tweak your performance on a tiny scale which is awesome. And when you get it right, it's RIGHT. It's thanks to Wade that I learned of Premier wicks in my early candlemaking days, so it delights me to order them from him and do what I can to give back to Black Tie Barn. Thank you Wade! Happy Holidays!

Ross Zanzucchi
Great wicks

Love these wicks