Premier 700 Series Wicks (Sample Pack)

$ 54.95
$ 54.95


This Sample Pack includes a quantity of 5 wicks from each size in the series (29 sizes).

Like individual packs, each wick is 6" pre-tabbed. For more specific information on each wick size, please see that individual product page.

Premier-700 series wicks are a flat braid cotton core wick made from textile-grade cotton. They are designed to promote clean burning and minimize mushrooming from carbon buildup. Premier 700 Series wicks can be used in tealight, votive, pillar, and container candles. Their versatility makes them suitable for both paraffin and soy waxes. Unlike most other wicks, the Premier 700 Series comes in many different sizes, allowing for better wick precision to achieve optimal burning candles.

Additional Info

Wick Giude/Resource

Wick guides are based off a sample wax type (notes on chart). These charts are not meant to be a replacement for testing but as a rough starting point. Proper sizing will 100% depend on type of wax, melt point, jar size, etc. Proper wick size can only be determined by testing with your specific materials; wax, fragrance oils, container/mold, etc. Be sure to re-test with any changes to existing recipes as well.

Customer Reviews

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MaryAnn Nucifora
Premier Wick Sample Pack

Very nice wicks...Still doing further testing with another new vessel...Premier wicks do not have any mushrooming...So far Premier wicks for me are great...Thank you--Wade..........

Angella Cartwright
Just what I was looking for

I look forward to starting my candle testing with these wicks! I love the range of sizes.

Bradley Dakins

well you know its all ways a pain testing, but with the large bag they came in its alot better to fine what you are looking for .The wicks we are testing in our new line of containers taking time 2,4,6,8 hr testing seem to like them . thanks

dawn Holmes
Wick Sampler

As a newbie to pouring candles, I chuckled a bit over Ward's warning of the complexities of wicks. Not anymore! Sampler helped sooo much!

Casey's Paw Designs
Great Assortment, Quick Shipping!

I ordered the sample pack of 700 Series Premier wicks to re-start my testing on a new wax blend. It was convenient to have the series of wicks available. The very quick shipping was amazing; quicker than Amazon for most things these days!