Shades of Tomato Red (Liquid Candle Dye)

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$ 5.95


Tomato Red Liquid Candle Dye

Depending on wax type, opacity, and usage amounts this dye will generally produce a range of shades from lighter tomato reds to darker tomato reds. In most cases, this red has a slight orange/yellow tint to the red compared to primary cardinal red. Results will vary based on wax type, opacity and fragrance oils.



Our easy to measure liquid candle dyes are made with a 100% sustainable and natural solvent designed for those looking for a more sustainable option for candle colorants.

• Virtually free of insoluble matter
• No dusting as found with powders
• High Flash Point 200F/93C
• Easily mixed to create unique shades
• Concentrated
• REACH Compliant
• GHS Compliant
• Made with a natural solvent
• Vegan-Friendly

Instructions & Usage

Generally speaking... for lighter shades, use less drops. For darker/vibrant shades, use more. Typical usage is between 1 and 10 drops per pound of wax.

Also, keep in mind these factors that may affect the amount of dye required for
the desired shade include:
• The opacity of the wax
• Wax additives such as stearic acid, polymers and
microcrystalline wax
• Fragrance

Be sure to test usage amounts in your own products to obtain the colors you want while not impacting the performance of the wick/candle. In some cases, too much dye can impact fragrance throw and/or introduce wicking issues.

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