Wilderness | Hideaway Collection Wood-Wick Candle (10oz)

$ 26.95
$ 26.95

Fragrance Profiles & Notes

  • Woody & Earthy
  • Fresh & Citrus

Oakmoss ▪ Amber ▪ Tonka Bean ▪ Sage ▪ Orange ▪ Grapefruit ▪ Lavender

Additional Info

24oz wt. / 10oz Net wt.
Approximate Burn Time ~ Up to 80 hours
Soy wax blend
Made in the USA
H: 4.25", W: 3.4" (without lid)

Wood wick candles will vary in burn profile and consistency. Due to the nature of the raw wood material, no two wood wicks are exactly the same. This may cause variations in how they burn.

Between burns, snip off the black tip of the wick and relight. Occasionally wood wicks will struggle to stay lit or burn at the same rate. Trim as much of the black charred end off as possible. Enjoy!

Instructions for Use

Snap off or trim wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting. Do not burn the candle for over 4 hours. Keep the candle on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface. Do not leave unattended when lit. Keep away from foreign objects and flammables.
Do not add water.

Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets.

Wilderness | Hideaway Collection Wood-Wick Candle (10oz)

The hideaway collection is an escape from the mundane designed to embrace your passions and indulge your vices.

Get lost in the middle of nowhere for a deep woods, exotic, and mysterious adventure. With grounding fragrances like oakmoss, amber, orange, grapefruit, and sage coupled with floral and herbal notes of lavender, this fragrance has no trouble appealing to all. It's aromatic essence truly has universal appeal.

Note about Wood Wick candles

Customer Reviews

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Stacy Stuart

I'm an aspiring candlemaker myself and I've ordered different candles from influencers that have grabbed my attention. Wade's candle really stood out to me! Not just because I currently live within an hour of his business. His whole aesthetic really speaks passion and care for what he does.

Wilderness had a wonderful crisp forest fragrance. This fragrance whisked me back in time to my growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains while living at the base of Mt. Rainier and all our trips to the peninsula to hike the rainforests and overlook the ocean. The wood wick created a huge crackling flame that reminded me of all those fires we had sitting around telling tall tales and laughing at each other's antics.

With much love, I want to thank you Wade for capturing some of my most favorite memories of my early years. I can only hope to be able to create as wonderfully as you have and be able to whisk others away to happy times as you have me.