Iced Cinnamon Rolls | 7oz Candle

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Fragrance Profiles & Notes

  • Sweet & Spicy

Cinnamon ▪ Nutmeg ▪ Vanilla

Additional Info

H: 3.5", W: 2.8"
15.5oz wt. / 7oz Net wt.
Approximate Burn Time ~ Up to 60 hours
Soy wax blend
Made in the USA

Instructions for Use

Trim wicks to 1/4 inch before each lighting. Burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time to ensure a proper melt pool. Do not burn the candle for over 4 hours. Keep the candle on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface. Do not leave unattended when lit. Keep away from foreign objects and flammables.
Do not add water.

Warning. To prevent fire or serious injury:
Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets.

Iced Cinnamon Rolls | 7oz Candle

Treat yourself to a delicious sweet treat without any calories added! Our cinnamon rolls - wood wick candle is the perfect way to bathe your home in the wonderful aroma of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls with buttery icing.

No need to give up the guilty pleasure of indulging in the treats you love just because they’re not good for you. Make every day feel like a cheat day when you experience this scrumptious candle!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nathan M
made me hungry

I wasn’t a big fan of the CT with this candle but after burning it I enjoyed it a lot more and made me hungry


I’ll have to come back to this after burning it, the CT was not what I expected, for me to officially decide if It’s a full 5 stars, I’ll need to smell it burning to see if it’s the same as cinnamon rolls out of the oven!

Edit: the CT is not the best in my opinion, but man that HT will make you go buy some cinnamon rolls, personally I think it’s best on a rainy morning


All 3 of the candles had amazing scents. Good Ht/Ct. although all 3 did have mushrooming, Im not sure if thats a normal thing or not for 700 series wicks. Overall I appreciate this great product.

Sue Silliman
Candle & melts create irresistible craving for Cinnabon!

Wade’s Black Tie Barn “Iced Cinnamon Rolls” 7oz candle and wax melts are spectacular! Watch out! They cause an insatiable, irresistible craving for Cinnabon rolls! Lovely fragrance, throws well into several rooms, and leaves lingering memories even when extinguished! Candle/wick combo performs perfectly, no soot nor smoke, just lovely satisfying aroma! Easy to see why this is one of Wade’s favorite scents. Thank you, Wade!